Thursday, December 3, 2009

Back to my roots and branching out...

Ok, finally an update about home, and the rest of stuff going on here at C-Horse.

First off, can we all just stand up and give a hand to Thanksgiving? I mean, come on -- what a great Holiday. Our's featured family, food, wine, good stories and lots of relaxing. I got to spend some quality time riding horses for my mom's clients (she's really lucky in that there's some really nice horse flesh she gets to sit on weekly), and riding my old man, Rockie.

Now, good ol' Rockstar may be slightly heavier then he was when I showed him, but he's still as big of a baby. Picture this - me having to hike next to the poor guy the whole second half of the trail ride cause he plumb wore himself out during the first half. There are several of us who've now had to hike him back to the trailer, thinking of making it some sort of exclusive club.

Anyway... what a fantastic break! The only sad note was just as we were getting ready to leave Sunday morning, we discovered our 15 year old cat, Chief, had passed away peacefully in his sleep. My family had Chief from the time he was a kitten, and he was the permanent fixture at our front door. The last couple of years it seems age has taken it's toll on the old man, as he grew a bit skinny, but he was always there early in the mornings to share my mom's cereal with her. Even after being gone for several years, it's hard to lose a long-time family member like Chief.

Although sad about Chiefy, I was excited to head back to see my four-legged kids in NC. One of my clients had been taking wonderful care of my 3 boys and Ellie, but I was happy to hear Ted's friendly nicker as we got out of the car.

My mom traveled back from Illinois to spend the week with us... She's currently fixing all the problems I have with P-monster... can't wait to sit on him after she's done! She frustrates me with her talents, because she can totally get through to horses in ways I can't seem to, but at least I do have her available to me!!!

Party is tonight for all the C-Horse crew!!! Can't wait for everyone to get together so we can enjoy good company and good food. And yes, my mom has done my portion of the cooking, so no one is at risk for food-poisoning. :)

Will definitely post pics from the party over the weekend.

Ciao, ciao!

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