Friday, January 15, 2010

Everyone needs a "Happy Friday Guy"

When I was in college (Go Ball State University!), my hero was this scooter riding, underwear-on-the-outside-of-longjohns wearing, masked, caped man who would emerge on Fridays riding his little wheeled thing throughout campus yelling "Happy Friday!". He would zoom in and out of the crowds of students at the busiest times of the day, echoing "Happy Friday" as he rolled on performing his civic duty. You could be having the worst day in the whole world, and really couldn't help but smile when you saw him.

I have a feeling that he could probably come up and steal your lunch, and you'd be like "Hey! Happy Friday"... complete with a thumbs up and everything. He just had that sort of star power.

Which is why I'm going to start thinking of P-monster as the Happy Friday Guy.

Fridays no longer mean a weekend full of nothing to do (well, really they never did for me, but that's besides the point). Now they mean the start of a weekend that will go by way too fast, full of lessons, and riding, and dinner dates. All fun stuff... it just goes by too fast.

But let's discuss why P needs to be the Happy Friday Man.

I rode the monster this morning, complete with frost and frozen ground. Now, he just got his shoes on yesterday, which usually means he is a bit short the next day. And if he doesn't feel good, he's NOT forward.

I just wanted to have a nice Friday morning hack... get the blood pumpin', come back to work after his day off, kick off a great weekend.

P decided this Friday was time to celebrate, with more celebration then any other Friday, ever in the whole wide world. (I guess I haven't ruined his weekend with word that we will be taking a dressage lesson on Sunday).

After a nice walk across the field, he let loose with a nice little hop/buck move at passing car. "Haven't you heard? It's Friday! Time to Dance!" Then he held it together rather well as I worked on some bendy/stretchy/free walk circles in the "field of scary things" aka neighbors. He then go very excited and did "The Ted"* for a bit just because it was fun.

*The Ted is a highly specialized move created by my now-retired superstar, in which the horse stays very light in the bridle, and proceeds to canter in place while throwing their feet WAY out in front of them. It's fun. Sometimes.

He then chilled out again, was good... but basically just wanted to celebrate the whole "being alive on a Friday" thing.

So... Just as to not get frustrated with his antics, I'm now going to visualize P as the Happy Friday Guy, zooming around on his scooter with a cape, mask and exposed underwear.

ETA: I forgot, HFG also gave out candy... to bad P lacks the opposable thumbs necessary for candy giving, because that would be a huge help in the "Don't get mad at me for being stupid" persona he's got going on.

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