Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Becoming accustomed to the darker side of life...

Have no fear, next time you see me I will not suddenly be transformed from my usual optimistic, cheerful, glass-half-full self. No dark fingernail polish and chains and black clothes are on my shopping list. I may however need a stronger eye-glass prescription do to squinting through the darkness... yes the darker side of life is Prophet and I enduring night rides!

Seeing as our winter here in North Carolina has been less then Southern, morning rides are happening, but sometimes it's just so hard to drag myself out of my warm, soft bed to layer on 20 pairs of pants and shirts and trudge through the frost to walk and my very excited-to-be-alive pony. Yes, I do it, but on the occasion that I hit the snooze one too many times, I have to then ride at night.

P is actually much better behaved at night. Maybe he just can't see the booger monsters coming to get him, and therefore he doesn't shy as much, but we actually are getting some good work in!

Now if only the rain would stop making my field into a swamp, then we'd really be on the right track!

Oh... and Prophet DID have reason to celebrate last Friday -- our dressage lesson unfortunately got rained out, therefore he'll just have to wait until this weekend to get tortured. :)


wilsonc said...

I always tell myself if I don't make it out in the morning I will goin the evening...that rarely happens. Glad you are able to stick with it.

jacksonsgrrl said...

Here in South Texas the mud and the rain are killing my dressage lessons! 4 lessons, literally! Four weeks of a rainy day on MY dressage day!
Take heart. The days are already getting longer! It won't be long now.... :)

Abby said...

I totally feel your pain... if I don't get up at my 5:15 alarm, I don't get to ride. Much harder to do when its 20 degrees outside... somehow I've managed to stay disciplined about it, mostly because as soon as I climb in the saddle, it's all worth it:)