Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mad Props to My Pops....

Yes, it's really, really cold. P-man and I have been doing our best to shun the coldness with our early morning hacks around on the frozen ground. Me in my coveralls, scarf, gloves, headband, Muck boots - him in his Baker Blanket and hackmore... we make quite the pair. He likes to take moments like these and express his distaste by doing his version of a Spanish walk (which I REALLY need to get on video so you all can see), and pretending that the neighbor kid's wagon is a horse-eating villain, left in the yard with the sole purpose of attacking us at the exact moment he relaxes. But none-the-less, we walk up and down the only hill on the property, doing endless leg-yields and free-walk/Medium-walk transitions. Today we even trotted! It was glorious. :)

So since things have been a bit slow, I figured I'd take this opportunity to give a bit of a shout out to my pops. He and my mom (who I wrote about a couple of days ago) are celebrating their 31st (I think) anniversary today, and so I thought it would be appropriate to give him a post.

My dad rides also (notice a trend here), but in a different way then my mom and I. Footing concerns? Not so much. Helmet? HA! Bending, Giving? What? But he's an amazing rider, and I envy his fearlessness. He was definitely much happier when I moved away from the Hunter Jumper ring and began eventing... at least he liked the cross country part (maybe not so much Dressage and Show Jumping).

When I wrote about my mom, it was about improving on what she had built. I wish I could say the same for me and my dad, but I do believe it's my brother who's taken on that roll. My dad wants to forever by 19... jump out of airplanes, barefoot ski, repel Australian style, ride around on motorcycles -- just be a daredevil in general. Definitely not so much my style (I take risks, but they are carefully calculated!). BUT my brother is the next step up from by dad. Daredevil doesn't even begin to describe him. At about 6'2" he's a baseball player by trade, but will pretty much try anything... and I mean ANYTHING. He carries on my dad's 'legacy', while I'm ok not being involved. :)

So, Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Hopefully T and I can continue to lead lives you can live vicariously through! MUAH!!!!;)

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