Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bust out the Bubblewrap...

For a long time I've though P would greatly benefit from running a long-format event. I feel like he's just one of 'those' horses. Honestly, it's been in his plans since I got him, but in those 5 years he's just always been overshadowed by his siblings, hindered by finances, and held-back by my life getting in the way.

But it appears the planets have aligned and come hell-or-high-water we'll be trekking to South Carolina over Easter weekend for the FENCE Training 3-Day. Lately it seems the high-water part is desperately trying to keep us away with rain, rain and more rain, but we're going.

And for those of you who know me, you may have been witness to my slightly obsessive tendencies when I have a goal. When I ran in a marathon my freshman year in college, I ended up working out 3 times a day, running through campus in the snow, and doing other sorts of crazy ventures in order to prepare.

Well, now that I've set my sites on running this 3-day, my obsessiveness has once again taken over. After being sick all week, and sounding like I may be coughing up a lung on occasion, I took the opportunity to go riding yesterday in the 40 mph wind gusts. Gotta get the pony ridden! :)

This weekend should be fun with a cross-country school outing on Saturday, Dressage lesson with Dieter Riedinger on Sunday, Show Jump lesson with Melissa Jones-Sarle on Monday, and lots of teaching and riding in between!

Ciao, ciao!

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