Monday, February 8, 2010

Animals to Wear

About six months ago, I found myself in Lexington, Kentucky working with a friend at NAYRC, and freezing in the dead of summer. The heat had given way to a chilly wind and lots of rain. And there I was with nothing more then an XXXL Sports Innovations jacket to keep me warm. Our booth neighbors (Rebecca and Chris of Animals to Wear) took pity on me and supplied me with a wonderful long-sleeve zip-up that saved the day.

Since then, I've been lucky enough to run into Rebecca and Chris at a variety of shows. They are always coming up with great new products to add to their line of beautiful artwork, and I take the opportunity to stock up when ever I can!

Now Becky and Chris have just made it that much easier for me to stock up on their beautiful apparel by signing on as C-Horse sponsors. I'm very excited to promote their brand and I'm sure if P could talk, he'd say that he is too! Visit their site at for more information about this wonderful company!

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