Monday, March 29, 2010

small tangent

So you'd think that 2 days before I'm scheduled to leave for my biggest competition of the season (actually, biggest competition to-date with this horse), I'd be all abuzz with news about training and nerves and everything... and I will get to all that, but I just have to go on a small tangent about something.

Actually, before that even, I have to offer my apologies for not updating here like a should. I am also doing the USEA blog entries, but I don't want anyone to think that I'm neglecting all you readers here (afterall, I do have a whopping 22 followers -- that's a lot of pressure!).

Anyway, because I love you all, and feel like I can talk a bit more personally then I can with the USEA membership at large -- I just have to tell you how excited I am to be engaged! For some of you who have been around John and I for some time, this may seem like mute news, considering we live together, fight like we're married, and in general seem fairly comfortable around each other. BUT, for me, there were definitely times where I thought I'd never get to celebrate this time... all that joking about 'common law' was hitting a bit too close to home.

So now, I'm packing things up for our departure on Wednesday. The last week has been filled with teaching and riding and Prophet has done nothing but put a smile on my face. I've taken a new road of not putting a bit in his mouth unless I absolutely have to and it seems to be working thus far (he was getting to a point where he was fussy about it). I went back to the trusty rubber mullen mouth for a dressage school last night, and he was wonderful -- glorious even. :) I've been shopping for clothes for the jogs and buying last minute things I know I'll need (such as a million pairs of rubber gloves), all the while stealing glances as my shiny new ring sitting on the all-important finger. Never did I think I'd be so stoked about this whole thing, but never did I ever see myself wearing a pink bling-bling belt in dressage either.

There's a first time for everything. :)

On to Tryon we go!!!

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