Thursday, April 1, 2010

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We've arrived!

All the midnight trot sets, sandbox lessons, jumper shows and time spent with my pony are now culminating with this weekend. What a whirlwind to get to a spring three-day by the first weekend of April -- especially with not making a trip down South -- but P and I made it, amongst engagements and employment and all that good stuff that comes with life.

Luckily, with just one horse going here, so far things have been like a vacation. P and I made the quick 5 hour trip, only to find out we were the first to arrive on grounds! We had a lovely solo hack around the property, where we marveled at the beautiful landscape. Having never been to FENCE before, I'm quite amazing at the gorgeousness of the facility -- what a treat doing steeplechase around the course is going to be on Saturday!

The great thing about the long-format program that the USEA has going on is the wonderful educational aspect tied into the event. Today we had the in-barn process, followed by a steeplechase clinic and then jog-up demo. Even for those of us who have competed and groomed at several of these "little long-format things", there is always something to learn!

P made quick work of the pace exercise that the steeplechase clinician, Beth Perkins, put us through, and then quickly jumped the entire brush on the fence she had us schooling over. It only took him one sailing adventure though to realize that he could 'brush' through. Everyone's horses did quite well and we are all enjoying learning about each other's horses and their personalities. There are also several very cool canine companions in the barn area... and they are sure to make sure everyone is greeted accordingly!

Tomorrow morning we start off with a 10am jog, and dressage at 1pm. For those of you who may be concerned, I have yet to decide what I'll be wearing for jogs. After doing more shopping over the weekend then I have in the last 5 years (which totaled about 35 minutes between teaching lessons), I promptly returned everything I bought (except for a pair of skinny jeans - which last time I went clothes shopping, those weren't even in style!), and therefore I'm at a loss. I pretty much packed my entire closet so although it was a pain to lug my suitcase up the hotel steps, I should at least be able to be outfitted appropriately in the morning.

Ciao, ciao for now!

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Anastasia said...

I so wish I was there... hoping all is going well!