Friday, May 21, 2010

Ever feel like you're jumping off a cliff?

... and not just jumping, but leaping with all your belongings in tow?

Ok, so I'm being a bit dramatic, but I kind of feel like although I'm diving head first into a new chapter, I'm at least doing it with a neat little row of ducks lined up to watch.

There's a lot of exciting things going on with C-Horse, and just in general in the world of Cassidy Sitton. I've got a LOT of new clients coming on board, which is awesome! I have some freelance work picking up with the marketing/design stuff, and what I've found is I actually am running out of hours in the day! Which leads me to my big announcement -- I am making more hours in the week by cutting back on my time at ThinLine!!! This is a big jump for me, albeit not even as big as I want it to be, but still a jump. Or maybe more of a repell then a jump, but you get the picture.

So, although I have these grand thoughts that I will have loads of free time, in all reality, it just means that I will probably find more stuff to fill the hours, but it's a start!

Prophet is cruising full-steam ahead towards Lumber River. He's so funny in that the more fit he gets, the more calm his is to handle. He did the Prelim Test B test at Fenridge last weekend, and was a star! (even though he only had a 5 minute warm-up). He also rocked the XC school, minus a bit of a miscommunication over an 18" log and the Novice ditch. :)

He doesn't compete this weekend, and will be running the CT at Fendridge next weekend before the big move-up!

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