Friday, May 28, 2010

Please place your seats in the full upright position

We are preparing for landing!

Lumber River is just four short days away! Momma Sitton arrives today to spend some time with all of us in North Carolina, and Friday we leave for Southern Pines. I've been so crazy-busy, I haven't really had time to think about the fact that my baby is running his first Prelim this weekend! AH!

In preparation, we traveled over to the beautiful Fenridge Farm to run the Combined Test on Sunday. P was stellar for warm-up, but just got a bit clostiphobic in the ring. I was disappointed enough to take him back to warm-up for some reminding on what it means to stay in front of my leg. Apparently the judge forgot her glasses, as P was awarded a 33.2 to win the dressage against all levels of the CT. We warmed up for show jumping and he was feeling really good, until they started running late and we took a 20 minute siesta. Then, with no 5 minute warning or anything, they blew the whistle for me to begin! Needless to say, we started off with no rhythm, and pulled rail on the #2. He was pretty stellar for everything else and finished in 2nd place. Not too shabby!

This week is filled full with teaching/riding/and getting the Diddy his last canter sets/dressage schools/and a final jump lesson. I'm sure next Monday will be here before I know it... Cross your fingers for us (especially around 11:08 on Saturday)!

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