Monday, June 21, 2010

C-Horse, Seabuck -- Sounds like the perfect match, eh?

A little over a month ago, I was approached by a guy named Dusty about trying a product out and seeing the effects it had on Prophet. Well, first off, my very first pony's name was Dusty, so I figured this guy couldn't be all that bad, but secondly, I'm pretty particular about what my horse ingests (ask anyone who's had to feed while I'm away - you nearly need a chemistry degree!). As soon as I got the email, I went to researching, and liked what I saw...

His product, Seabuck Complete, is a liquid made from the seabuckthorn plant that offers anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant functions. It's supposed to be a good, over-all supplement, helping with digestion, skin and coat health, etc... etc... One thing I was curious about was would it help with P's little habit of not eating all that well away from home... I agreed to try it out, as I really didn't see a downside.

So for the last 30 days I've been feeding Seabuck Complete, and I really like the results. First of all, Prophet actually ATE while we were at Lumber River Horse Trials (his prelim move-up). He's also been handling travel very well... not that he's ever been a BAD traveler, but I could definitely feel the difference after a couple hour trailer ride, which now he seems to unload as the same old P, just as he should! He does seem overall happier and more agreeable. I've made a couple of other dietary changes, and I think the combination of everything has led him to be less spooky and more chill. One thing that I wonder about is also the fact that his feet grew over 3/8th of an inch in one month (awesome for him!), and although they've been growing fairly well this year, that's definitely an increase! Don't know if I can thank Seabuck for that, but it does seem likely!

Seabuck Complete has a very informative website. check it out at, and read up! Seabuck is offering a special discount, just to C-Horse readers. If you order through the Seabuck website, use the coupon code SBCS2010 and receive 25% off each gallon!
I'm definitely going to be keeping P on it!

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