Thursday, June 17, 2010

It takes one to know one...

You know, in the past I've read these articles about how animals and there owners begin to resemble eachother, and I've seen the same comparison done for those couples who've been together for a long time. The theory behind two humans is that after years of being together, you begin to mimic one-another's mannerisms, thus morphing into a similar appearance (or something).

Now, I don't think P and I resemble eachother, although we do both have rediculously large melons (better to hold our rediculously large brains!), and tend to get a bit of a potbelly when we gorge, but other then that, we are fairly distanced in the appearance department. BUT, I've said it for years now, P and I are pretty much the same personality, just one of us is in a human form and the other equine. I'm pretty sure that's why we get along so well. He likes to argue, I like to argue. He is slightly lazy, I aspire to be slightly lazy. He's obstinate, I'm obstinate. He can turn it on in front of a crowd, and well, I'm driven by a desire to not make a fool of myself. :)

You get the picture...

One thing that I have come to realize is how to personalize P's work schedule. I guess for a long time I've fought what I felt like I was "supposed" to do, and what he really needs. This spring I've kind of been forced to figure that out - I guess they say everything happens for a reason? Well it just seems EVERYTHING has happened. Period. Which means that I've had to get creative in the P-man department.

Before I was forced into this grown up world, I thought it was difficult enough to have one upper-level horse to keep up, with a small full-time job or school, or whatever else I was doing. Now, with a full time job, 15-20 students, 4 or so rides on the side and a wedding to plan, I realize that I had it pretty darned easy before!

So now, Prophet's been getting specialized attention at night, going on nighttime hacks, adding in lunging, and taking more long breaks after an event, more hacks during the week, and less days off when he's in work. And it seems to be working for him! After his first run at prelim, I realized that I do need to add in some more serious gallops on the hills for fitness, but other then that this low-stress, listening to my horse things seems to be working out for the both of us! What an odd concept, eh? :)

So, I guess the long rambling post above was all just to say that I've had a couple of fantastic rides on my P-dizzle and sure do enjoy having him as my main (four-legged) man. :)

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