Tuesday, June 15, 2010

P is famous!

Just don't tell him that... he already thinks highly enough of himself.

About 6 months ago, I was introduced to a company called Skode's Horse Treats. Owned and run by an amazing woman, Lori, (a true one woman whirlwind!), the company revolves around producing great products that make horses happy and healthy.

The cool thing is that Skode's offers stuff you really can't find anywhere else. They have these awesome Trail Mixes that my horses are absolutely in LOFF with, brownies you can bake at home, mineral support products (Prophet never goes a day without his dose of Magnesium!), and of course the cookies! All of Skode's products are either low-sugar or no-sugar products, meaning that even the sensitive horses can join in the fun of treats without health risks.

Now, I'm not going to lie... P was slightly skeptical of the treats at first. He seriously wanted to know how I'd wronged the tack store for them to send me home with these treats without sugar, but he quickly warmed up to the idea that Skode's were awesome, and he would survive without his sugar-fix. I really enjoy the magnesium, because that, combined with a better nutritional plan for him, has allowed us to have nearly spook-free rides!

Enough blabbing -- on to the exciting part!

Lori and I have been in conversation for some time about different aspects of nutrition, Prophet, showing, business, etc... and she approaching me a few weeks ago about P becoming an "Equine Ambassador" for Skode's (aka... making P famous!)! I told her that I was sure he wouldn't mind people looking at his picture all day, as he likes to look at his own reflection all day (or at least while I'm tacking him up next to the trailer window).

So, check out P being famous on Lori's blog, and visit the Skode's site for all your cookie needs!

Ciao, ciao!

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jacksonsgrrl said...

Looks like great stuff! My horse will have to settle for his flax seed and other supplements, that stuff is way too expensive for my sad budget! Maybe someday! Jackson needs to get famous himself so we can afford such luxuries!! :) Good for P!