Thursday, August 19, 2010

Put your leg on, stupid....

Unfortunately, my busy schedule as of late has led to o-dark-thirty rides with the Diddy.  The last two nights I've focused on Dressage, where he's been actually really good! .... or fairly good for P anyway.  The thing I've been struggling with is keeping his back moving and keeping a soft even contact as we canter down hill (the only spot of the field that even has faint light is on a hill. For some reason, we get a bit jack-hammery which usually ends in a bit of a fight.

But the thing is, is  that I feel like he wants to stay round and be good.  I've been a bit paranoid that it means that there's something wrong with him physically, but other then being scheduled for his chiro follow-up, there's nothing that anyone can find. 

Well, last night I finally had my ah-ha moment.  And now I feel a bit blond.  Apparently what my horse needed was for me to ride him forward down the hill, while keeping my thighs and seat open and moving with a soft contact and calf on.

Hmmmm.... worked like a charm, and I actually had a canter to work with at the bottom of the hill -- amazing how that works eh?

Pony will get a little flat/trot tonight, and a small jump school tomorrow before we head up to Middleburg in the afternoon.  Pondering putting him back in the rubber mullen mouth for flatting -- might have to play with that idea tonight.

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