Thursday, August 12, 2010

Whirlwind like a tornado, explosion like a volcano

P says 'hello!'
So, I've been looking at my calendar.... I've been flipping through it everyday, just hoping that more days and hours will magically appear.  Let's just say that my Fall is filling up fast - really fast.  But you know, the funny thing is, is that no matter how much I stress about it now, I will manage to fit everything in, even if that does mean 10pm trot sets on Diddy and some creative scheduling. 

I always manage to fit it all in. :)

For example, I have 5 recognized Horse Trials scheduled, several schooling shows, a combined test to organize, a hunter pace to organize, a wedding to attend, WEG to work, new freelance marking opportunities coming in, a day job, and my lessons/training rides (which are also increasing!). 

But I love being busy!  Bring it on Fall!!! :) 

Plus, all this work really is making this brutally hot summer fly by!

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