Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Old Kentucky Home

Ok, so my old home may not have been Kentucky, it was a state that borders Kentucky, so close enough. I have had the opportunity to be here many times. As an 'east-coaster' now, I forget the times when a six hour trip to the Kentucky Horse Park was considered a 'close' event, but it was, so we made the trip many times. I have many fond memories from this area, and a few not so fond (but educational, I'm sure!).

Anyway, there's a special feeling around Kentucky. Perhaps it is the 'blue' grass, the field of drafts that greets you as you exit off I-75, the KHP sign with the mare and foal... I dunno, it's just special.

I'm here working for my 'day job' but am super excited to see Rebecca rock the XC on little Ruppie. I've also been inspired... I'll explain the inspiration later, but for now, I'm just being motivated to make improvements.

I'm also very excited about my boys at home... although I'm missing them terribly. I plan to call Karyn tomorrow for a P update, but last word was very positive. Ted has taken on the roll of local celebrity at Kim Griswold's WynnScott Farm, with several photoshoots scheduled, and girlfriend's galore!

More in a few days, but until then... stay motivated! :)

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