Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What could have been...

By now, many of my fellow bloggers who attended WEG are back home, writing about their WEG experience, and how they are getting back to real life. My Facebook Feed is filled with much of the same, with friends going back to work, school, riding, life in general.

I, on the other hand, am still up here in Kentucky (I really have to refrain from using the work 'stuck'), happy to still be surrounded by such quality horse flesh, but DYING to get back home. Ok, so maybe 'dying' is a strong word... but I'd really, really, really, really like to be back in North Carolina. But since I can't be, I'm adding a belated update to my blog...

In a nutshell, here's the things that have happened here at WEG over the last couple of weeks.

Trade Fair Shopping - Dismal.
I'm highly disappointed with the shopping experience, although my bank account is happy. Everyone else must be too, because we've had a few good days, but other then that, I've been wandering more then actually selling product - just LOOKING for stuff to spend money on, but still no dice. We did have one exciting night which featured a photo session with the mannequin next door though....

Alltech - Big Brother?
So come to find out that title sponsor, Alltech, kind of has their hand in everything... from Dip-N-Dots Ice Cream to horse supplements. Kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it? (The even make the beer being sold here -- it's bad beer, but at least it's beer)

Alltech Chandelier and Shell Horse - AMAZING
House warming present anyone? Actually, anything I've found this week that I've liked, I've inquired about 'registering' for (wedding registry that is -- no dice on that either).

Fuego's Dressage Freestyle - no words to describe
I'm glad that I got to see Totilas in person (3 TIMES!), but even more impressive was that I got to watch Fuego's freestyle from the 5th row... Fuego rocks my socks. 'Nuff said.

Main Stadium and floating Land Rover - Pretty darned impressive
So the main stadium is wrapped in this huge banner, and being a marketing person who regularly orders banners, my first thought was "That must have cost a FORTUNE!" The floating Land Rover is held within limited distance by a simple rope... and don't think for a minute that Tara and I haven't contemplated pulling the floating dock close to the bank just to see if the keys were in it... perhaps there will be an update on this before the end of the week. Keep an eye our in the police reports

Tending to a pony who took a spill... luckily no riders or horses were seriously injured the whole day -- SUCCESS!
Eventing - Ah, what could have been....
Come on USA -- we've brought in show jumping people and dressage people to coach and the event in on home turf, and we still can't get our S*&^ together? And a stop in Show Jumping? AND one in XC? Really? My heart is broken for Becky, who I think deserved to have luck on her side and stand on a podium, but apparently the shoe that Comet threw at fence 7 landed facing upside down... boo. The Canadians surely impressed though, and since I know several members of that team personally, I can't help but be happy for them - and inspired by their tenacity, drive and down-right get-it-done grit.

That's all I've got for now... more to update later in the week. We plan on taking in the Show Jumping Team finals tonight, and I definitely plan on experiencing the marathon day of Combined Driving... who knows, maybe I'll pick up a new sport when I get home!

PS... only 5 more days until I'm driving back to North Carolina!

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