Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Organizing machine...

If only I could be talking about my house...

But no, I am referring to my new hobby of organizing events out at Five County Stables!

Five County is a wonderful facility that I began teaching at last Spring.  With a wide variety of boarders and wonderful amenities, it's a really cool place to be around.  The owner, Greg Hartrich, is a trail rider at heart, with a wonderful desire to provide a place for people to enjoy their horses, no matter what the discipline.

The events held at Five County had been previously organized by another professional, and when that relationship ended (between her and the barn), the events were at risk of being lost.  I offered to help out, and thus we scheduled at Combined Test and a Hunter Pace for this Fall.

The Combined Test was held on Halloween, and we had participants in Green-As-Grass, Maiden and Beginner Novice levels in addition to straight dressage tests.  Although the turnout was small, we had a great time with beautiful weather.

Sarah and Cocoa both look good in blue!  Shartra Sylivant Photo
 In addition to organizing, there were also C-Horse Event Team members competing and volunteering - what a family event!  Shartra Sylivant and Draco won the Low Score Award, and Sarah Edwards with Cocoa won the Green-as-Grass division.  Kim G. placed second to Sarah in her first competition after a "hiatus" -- Happy Birthday Kim!!!!
Shartra and Draco on their way to receiving the Low Score Award.  Jim Sylivant Photo

Two weeks later, we hosted the Hunter Pace, and the turnout was quite different then the CT... we had over 100 horses competing!!!!  If you would have told me how time consuming it would be to set up for a Hunter Pace, I would have told you that you were crazy.  But alas, Greg and I got it set up, and got all the chili cooked (for the free chili lunch).  Everyone had safe rides, and once again we were blessed with absolutely amazing weather.  It was a pleasure to see people of all disciplines enjoying their horses.

Now I'm back to 'regular' living, teaching and riding and still reeling a bit from the rush that was the Hunter Pace.  Next week I head to Illinois for family Thanksgiving... can't wait to see my 'Rockstar' (Rockie) and the rest of the ponies (and eat a lot of stuffing!!!!!)

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and don't forget help me with my maniac mare! I can't wait see you next week! -Risa