Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Under the C.....

Right about now, I'm feeling like the worst blogger in the world.  For some reason, everytime I open a new window to start typing, I get overwhelmed with all that I need to update, and simply close the screen and go on doing something else!  Figuring as the list isn't getting any smaller -- here's a very scattered, unorganized update.

At last post, I'd just come off organizing the events at 5-County Stables, both of which ended up successful, and I'm looking forward to meeting with Greg this week to finalize dates for next year.

Prophet is happily hacking around after his end-of-season vacation.  He came down with a bit of a virus for a couple of days after Thanksgiving, and has successfully recovered to his normal naughty state.  The plan for be includes hacking for the next couple of weeks (while it's dreadfully cold) and then ramping back up with lessons with Melissa J-S and Karyn B.  January will hopefully be mild enough that we can get around for some of the schooling shows in the area with recognized events (and P's road to the *) beginning in February!

The whole "horse-professional" gig is working out nicely, although the unseasonable cold temps we've had here in NC for the last couple of days have left me with some seriously numb appendages! (I said BRR!, it's cold in here... there must be some Toros in the atmosphere....o e o e o. ice ice ice -- Not a Bring It On fan?  Then you won't get it)....

Moving on...

It's really amazing how close-knit the horse world is, and the amazing people that you meet along the way.  Several months ago I introduced myself to Dressage Rider Claudia Coombs, as a couple of my clients were friends of hers.  Now, I find myself in the lucky situation of teaching out of her barn in Eastern North Carolina.  She did a lovely little write up introducing me on her blog, and I'm so happy to say that she's offered the use of her facility as an 'Eastern NC Base' for me!  Anyone who is interested in scheduling lessons at Her farm (Green Ridge), please Contact Claudia!

It's because of the generosity of people like Claudia (and Kim and Greg and Dave and everyone else!) who support me, that I've gotten to transition into doing this riding thing for a living and I'm forever in debt to their kindness!

I promise to give more frequent updates as Christmas approaches, but at least I got this first one out of the way!  Ciao ciao and stay warm!

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