Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thank you Hoof Wraps!

This time of year, combined with this kind of weather (the nasty miserable kind), usually translates into problematic shoeing issues.  Soft feet, sucking mud, snow-balled snow, slippery ice, icy footing... it's all so much fun to deal with (especially for farriers, I'm sure!).  I'm very lucky in that I have a fantastic farrier, Larry Revels, who keeps Prophet's feet looking and feeling fantastic.  Seriously, the improvement in gait and quality of hoof has been amazing since Larry started working on Prophet. The seriously good farrier work, combined with great added nutrition (thanks to Prophet's supplements provided by Royal Champion) have meant limited "oops" moments when it comes to thrown/sucked-off/just-plain-missing shoes.

But... P always likes to make life a bit more interesting.

Sunday I had quite a busy day planned teaching lessons and felt pretty lucky to squeeze in a lovely ride on the boy just before I had to leave.  I turned him out, shut the gate and ran up the hill to grab their breakfast.  In the *maybe* 2 minutes I was gone, P managed to catch his shoe on the edge of the insulated wire that is buried under the gate (for the hot wire that we don't turn on) and cleanly pull of the shoe.  When I walked down the hill, grain buckets in tow, I opened the gate to find a perfectly pulled shoe and one very sheepish looking boy.

Luckily I had my handing Hoof Wraps handy, so slapped one of those on and was out the driveway minutes later (no fussing with vetwrap, sticking ducttape, etc....).

The true test came today - 48 hours after the initial application - when the farrier came, I pulled off the wrap to a clean, protected, lovely bare foot.... not too shabby considering Prophet is turned out 24 hours a day, and we had rain all last night.

I've used Hoof Wraps for several years now, and am lucky enough to have had them as a sponsor for much of that time, but I'm always amazed at the job that they do -- thank you Hoof Wraps!!!!
Prophet with his Hoof Wrap that lasted him 2 days (until the farrier came)!  I meant to get a pic of how lovely his hoof was underneath it, but didn't.  But you can use your imagination!

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