Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hibernation? Is it a viable option?

Hello from the arctic north. I mean... what? North..... Carolina.

This is the place where wind seems to find the smallest areas of exposed skin, the temps regularly don't reach about 35 and the ponies are all crazy since they haven't been able to run and play for weeks due to the ice and snow -- that sounds about right, right? UGH.

I think it's safe to say that we are all about over this weather, humans and ponies alike.  And I'm thinking that I have some awesome timing regarding the time of year I decided to really give this 'riding thing' a go (read sarcasm). Thankfully, I'm a bit creative, and have kept myself and my horse's busy during this 'winter event' (this is the term the media actually used for the last ice storm).  On several occasions, however, I've seriously considered hibernation (obviously, I've practiced it when it comes to this blog - which I've been horrible about updating!).  Think about it though... Get a bit fat, sleep for a long time, avoid Holiday shopping - works for me!

But since I'm already half way through this mess, I figured I might as well stay awake, keep working and update my blog!

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to be escorted to the NCDCTA Gala by Jonathon (yes, John is my fiance, Jonathon is his alter-ego where he decides to become "one of my people" and act as 'horsey' as he can -- good laughs all night!).  Anyway, Prophet was a good boy this year, earning 5th place in the training division and 3rd place in the Preliminary and Above class.  Next weekend, I'm looking forward to the Fenridge Farm Banquet with friend and client, Dana Sanders and her husband - Mexican dinner and open bar! I have a feeling that John and Adam are looking forward to it for completely different reasons then Dana and I!
NCDCTA Preliminary and Above Division. Brittany Bridges, 1st; Amanda Miller, 2nd; Cassidy Sitton, 3rd.
Photo by Sandra Bridges
I'm running out of time for this update (I know, I know - equine updates coming shortly!!!!), but for now, I figured I'd leave you with some images of our activities over the last couple of weeks. 

Stay warm!!!
The Sitton's are serious about the Paintball War!
Teddy in the snow!  Photo by Dawn Borden
Prophet in the snow - with his headband on!
Photo by Dawn Borden
Awe - True love. :)  Thank hon!
Photo by Dawn Borden
When we can't ride horses - these are the activities that go on around the farm!
Photo by Dawn Borden