Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The weekend in which Miss Story rocks my socks

Story and I back in June 2010 at her first show.
This weekend was the Fuzzy and Fun ECOSC Show at the Bob Martin Ag Center (aka - big scary coliseum), over in Williamston.  Seeing it was a fairly low-key show with a 'big show' feel, I decided to take Miss Story over there with a couple other clients to get in the ring for the Field Hunter classes. Now Story hadn't been off the farm since her first show last June (where she was the Long Stirrup Champ!), and only recently (after her chiro miracle) have I really begun to understand this mare a bit more.  After being such a good girl at home, I was worried a bit about how she'd handle the show, the horses, and the uber, uber, uber scary coliseum.

Story was all-business from the beginning, standing quietly for her quick clip job before loading onto the trailer like a champ.  She walked the grounds like she'd been there her whole life, and stood quite nicely to be tacked.  She did have a slight "deer in the headlights" moment when she first got in the ring, and was a bit nervous about facing the crowds in the first class (which I'm fairly certain cost us a ribbon).  For the next two classes she was pretty much perfect, completing both classes with the BLUE!  These were fairly large classes - 20+ entries, and she was a star!

Story is for sale, and as much as she's growing on me, she does need to find a new home.  I think she's going to make someone an awesome horse though!  She's such a fancy, good girl!!!!

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