Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nik of Time

As many of you know, yes, Southern Pines Horse Trials was last weekend, and yes, Prophet went out and rocked it in his usually super/rock-star manner.  However I'm waiting for the photographer to load the pics, since I was there by myself and thus don't have any of my own photographic evidence.

So, until then, I'd like to introduce a very promising new ride who's going to be joining Mr. P in the trailer.  Nik of Time, or Nikki, has been part of the C-Horse crew for some time as a dressage pony with owner, Nancy Calhoun.  Nik's decided she doesn't want to play dressage anymore and Nancy found herself a LOVELY mare to partner her in the sandbox.  Thus, I started jumping Nik, and she's quite fond of it!  She's got loads of jump, and super keen, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for her!

Nikki will be making her eventing debut next weekend in the TTC Horse Trials (unrecognized) and if all goes well, she's be doing the BN at Longleaf in April!

Here's Nik's video from her very first time schooling cross country (she's just been jumping since mid-January).

Nikki is for sale, and if she finds her new home, I'll be super sad to see her go, but until then I'm ecstatic to get to be her jockey!

On a side note, Nikki has been on the CurOst supplement for the last month and is doing wonderful on it!  CurOst is a new sponsor to the C-Horse Crew, and I've really liked the results I've seen.  Look for Nikki to be sporting the CurOST logo at all her big-girl shows!!

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