Thursday, March 10, 2011

Belly flop...

I think it's pretty funny how I always pull up other people's blogs and am highly disappointed when there's not a current update, however I have no problem leaving all my readers (hi mom!) in suspense. :)  Once again, things have been a bit crazy in Cassidy-land, moving houses, moving horses, planning a wedding, starting the season... you know, the normal things.

Last I wrote, the cold weather was getting ready to make a break for it. Now we are being blessed with mostly warm days, albeit a bit breezy at times. Prophet didn't get his XC run at the Ark as he decided the 4th warm-up fence was a awesome time to pull the left front shoe - with no farrier on grounds. Ugh.  We did put in a decent enough dressage test (although I went OC twice!).  The video of the dressage test is one of about 6 that I need to upload, so that may take me a bit. :)

We are headed to Southern Pines tomorrow for the first recognized event of the season.  Prophet's prep has been good and he's jumping out of his skin!  We dressaged last weekend at a schooling show (again, videos will be uploaded) and went straight out for a XC school - both of which he handled quite well.

This post is going to be a bit short, but I promise a timely follow up with posts regarding Prophet, Story, and Nikki, plus other fun things. :)

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Ha Ha, Hi back. Yes I do stalk your blog