Thursday, December 6, 2012

12 days of Christmas (C-Horse Style) - Day 1

In an effort to actually be proactive about updating my sadly neglected blog, I've decided to to a brief (12 days to be exact) Christmas guide, featuring some of our favorite items companies.

For day one, we're focusing on the wonderful company of BonVivant Equine.  BV has been an awesome long-time supporter of C-Horse, and their stuff is simply AMAZING.  Meeghan, the big-wig of BV, does a wonderful job of finding the very best products to add to her growing list of merchandise.  They keep my horses in beautiful equipment, that is also very practical and useful.  Below, I'll highlight just a few of the amazing items that any horse person would love to have under their tree!

The very first items that my horse's started wearing were the bridles and browbands.  THey are simply exquisite.  I've had a few different variations over the last couple of years, and each one has been more stunning than the last. Recently, Flash and P both sported the Red/White/Blue LUMINOSITY brow bands at the American Eventing Championships (where Flash was fourth!).  P also has a custom pink faded Browband from the TWILIGHT Collection - because real men wear pink...

If you're like me, the second featured item from BV will allow you to mark off several names from your list. Brittany's Bran Mash is a treat that even picky Prophet loves (and Dreamer approves - pictured at left).  They come in multiple yummy flavors, are good hot or cold, and have a long shelf life (not that they's stay in your tack room that long).   They've been known to quiet a screaming Flash (who was missing his brother P very much), and to warm the tummy's of many C-Horse horses. I especially like to give them as a treat in both the extreme heat and extreme cold when I'd like to make sure they get a little extra water in their systems (I just make them extra slushy!).

The third and final featured product is something that is a god-send for those of us that USE our equipment.  And not just use it, but really, really, really USE it.  My boots take a beating, in between scrubbing to clean them, getting them dirty, turning out in them, riding in them, galloping, jumping, flatting, trailering, etc... in them.  You get the point.   Anyway, the RES boot system features different styles of boots with replaceable velcro straps (yay, no more duct tape to hold my boots on!). They come with really fun patterns and colors (and normal ones too for those who aren't into that sort of thing).

BonVivant also carries several other awesome gift ideas that they've graciously separated into sections by price point.  Go to THIS PAGE to see all the awesome things that will be sure to make each horse-crazy/equine-insane person on your list very, very happy.

OH!!!!! and don't forget to use coupon code SUPPORT985 to receive 10% OFF your entire order!!!!! 

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