Sunday, December 16, 2012

12 days of Christmas - I really am bad at this

Seriously?  How did I lose a week of my life.  Maybe it had something to do with the show to organize, lessons to teach, horses to ride, parties to plan, and a few winks of sleep in there... but alas, I apologize for slacking, and now need to pick up where I left off!

Today's feature comes from Whinny Warmers - a wonderful company with a cute name.

The owners of WW are awesome people who do a ton for the equine world.  They generously support my team, and my horses love them for it!  In the summer, my kids have all four legs protected by the Summer Whinny, which keep their legs cool and flies away.  In the winter, their legs are warm and toasty with the Whinny Warmers.  Both products have multiple benefits, including increased circulation, wound protection, anti-bacterial properties, keeping whites white before shows, and keeping soft tissues happy between rounds. Pretty much, they rock.

Not only is WW very supportive of my team, but they also are very active in supporting rescues and other great organizations all over the country.  How can you not love a company who does their part to give back!

Here in NC, the weather is starting to turn (finally!) and any horse would LOVE to find Whinny Warmers in their stockings to help keep those feetsies warm!


BeBe said...

Do they actually stay up in the summer??

Cass said...

BeBe - they do! I wash mine every couple of days, but they're so affordable that I just have two pairs that I rotate.