Sunday, December 9, 2012

12 Days of Christmas - Day 4

In between Christmas madness, and enjoying the 70 degree weather, I've actually managed to remember the blog 2 days in a row! Yay!

For a quick recap, Day 1 featured BonVivant Equine and their wonderful browbands, bran mashes and boots. Day two was the wonderful company CurOst and their products that make my horses feel wonderful, and Day 3 was the awesome quartermark queen, Kate Bremser.

Which brings us to Day 4.

I'm going to go ahead spill a secret.  I live for the shows where I know Becky Raubacher and her wonderful husband Chris of Animals to Wear will be in attendance.  They are absolutely wonderful people and Becky is one amazingly talented artist.  Even when I haven't seen the two of them in months or even a year, I feel like no time has passed and I usually leave their booth with a bag full of awesome goodies and a warm feeling of friendship and support.

Those of you who see me on any kind of regular basis know that I basically live in their clothing.  They do an outstanding job of selecting just the right apparel on which to print Becky's beautiful art.  Every article of clothing wears like iron, fits amazingly and keeps me looking at least a little put-together!

I would go into details on my favorite products, but pretty much, just open up any link on her website, and you won't be disappointed.  Here are just a few pics to give you an example of how important Animals to Wear is to the C-Horse Team.


dressage pad

dressage pad and Kerrits Half Zip carbon

Seriously, if there is a horse-crazy person on your list - you will make them the happiest person in the world with ANY gift from Animals to Wear.

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