Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Move is (Almost) Complete

A few months ago I began stressing about the direction my business was headed, and the ways for it to grow.  In my productive stressing (I like to think that my stress is productive - because, why else would I do it?!?), I came to the conclusion that I needed to step back from the day-to-day feeding/management, in order to focus on students and horses and helping them to achieve their goals.  The conclusion was a move to Hidden Spring Farm - a beautiful facility where I already have a long-time relationship with the owners, manager, and clients. All sounds peachy, right? Here's a little timeline on how things have gone.

December 29th - After stressing about how my current barn owners would handle the news, I found my worries to be for naught.  they were fully supportive and great.  HUGE sigh of relief, and a big glass of wine to celebrate the direction of C-Horse being solidified.

January 4th - Sit down with new barn manager and already dear friend to begin hashing out the plan of moving 14 horses.  20 minutes later - we are celebrating how easy our plan came to fruition and so we pour a glass of wine.

January 6th - First load of 5 horses pull out of Wynnscott and into HSF.  Introductions are uneventful.  We celebrate.

January 8th - Two of the four horses owned by client K.K. are shipped to her house.  They are youngsters.  We have to walk 1/4 mile down a road.  I'm worried.  They are perfect.  We celebrate.

January 9th - K.K.'s other two horses are shipped to HSF.  Introductions go great. I ride several horses at HSF.  People take a lesson, just because I'm available.  I love it.  We celebrate.

January 11th - The last of the horses move over. All is right in the world.  Everyone seems happy.  The baby boys played so hard they fell down, and then chilled out.  I spend 4 hours loading my equipment at Wynnscott.... and I'm not finished.  No celebration.

January 13th - Take load of stuff and start unloading.  Wondering where the heck Ally is, cause I sure as heck could use her.  It's raining.  I hate how much stuff I have.  No celebration.

January 14th - It's iced below the Mason-Dixon Line.  Schools are closing, there are special news reports about the apocalypse, the vet is coming to do coggins and Xray van's knees.  The horses are happy, Van got two thumbs up.  I still have more stuff to load.  Instead of celebrating, I write a blog entry.

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Kate said...

I do have to admit a chuckle to your comments regarding productive stress. I think I'll have to add that delightful positive twist to my stress in the future!