Friday, December 12, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away


I have made the decision to treat myself to an early Christmas present and sign up to take a lesson with Becky Holder next Saturday.  Prophet it slowly coming back into work, so we may not be in top form, but I figure a little help from an Olympian never hurt anybody!

Which brings me to my problem... Mega rain, and no indoor!  Prophet got worked one day this week, so I was one for five.  NOT good.  He's a good boy and will be fine, but I get very frustrated with myself when I let him down.  But I've backed him up the hill a couple of times - building those bum muscles - so this is me being ok with the rain, and letting go of my frustrations :)

After all, I have the Becky Holder lesson to look forward to!

And if someone could tell the rain to stop, that would be awesome...

This is P-diddy in Virginia in '06...

And here he is from the November '08 FenRidge jumper show - wooly winter coat and all!

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