Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It's snowing! A full-on northerner type of snow.

I went out this morning to attempt to ride and no amount of oil or cooking spray could keep the ice-high-heels at bay, but since it doesn't look like I'll be making my way into work anytime soon - an afternoon snow ride may be in order.

Prophet has had a couple of easy days of hanging out. Saturday was a flopping bust. Drove to the jumper show, only to have the footing be ridiculously horrible. I dropped him way down to 2'6 just so he could basically walk the course and not loose any confidence. He was such a tryer, putting two lovely strides in each of the one stride spaces of the triple, and trotting the rest of the course (I even made him walk one corner that was especially bad). I declined to do my second round (jump off) and kindly excused myself from the arena and the rest of the show. After packing up the trailer and loading the boy, the organizer came down to hand me my blue ribbon (!) I guess I was the only one who had made it around clean on the first round, and managed to pull off a win.

I didn't want to sit and stew about whether or not P-man had lost any confidence, so re-tacked him when we got home for a quick jump school in the field - and he was awesome! He did start off a bit stuck over the fences, jumping more up then across, but ended up great.

I lived and learned I guess...

Off to play with the animals in the snow!

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