Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sing it now "roller coaster... of loooove"

I must begin by appologizing for my somewhat dry and drab post on Monday. Apparently two weeks of traveling and talking to the public all day sucks the wittiness right out of me leaving me short and to-the-point. I have now caught up on a bit of sleep and have somewhat regained my sense of humor, just in time for some outside force to begin playing jokes on me...

I started this morning by locking myself out of both my house and my car, leaving me to stand in the driveway until John could come rescue me on his white horse (or white Dodge truck - in the morning sun glare it looked like it could have been a horse).

Anyway, with that problem rectified, I am now safely at work, successfully avoiding the 8-car pileup on the beltline.

The good news is that I have been able to move P-man's farrier appointment up a week, so our lesson this weekend may not have to be cancelled afterall, and I can stop judging our canter tempo by the clang of his shoes.

P-man looks great despite his two week vacation. He is a bit unsteady in his flat work, which is to be expected. I really do need to get over myself and let the poor man have a couple of hack days, but I feel this driving need to put him to work.

He seems to really enjoy his new "chewing gum" bit - aka: rubber mullen mouth. It allows him to pull me around a bit at the canter, which for him, is a good thing. Now, I'm just waiting on our Back on Track blanket to arrive to see if it will help his stiffness. Gotta love all the new Rolex toy purchases!

I have sent in my entries for Virginia Horse Trials and Lumber River, plus a local combined test the week before VHT. I guess this means that I officially need to get my rear in gear so as to not make fools of P-man and myself. With any luck, we'll be making the move to Prelim after these two events - let's get out the bubble wrap and four-leaf clovers!

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