Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oh immune system, don't fail me now

Most of you all are horse people, so I'm really hoping you don't take this the wrong way, or come after my parents with daggers for not raising me correctly, so here it goes...

I'm not a huge hand washer. I mean, I wash them a appropriate times, but it was never necessarily a huge priority for me growing up. Some people grow up hand-washers. They religiously scrub, scrub, scrub before every meal, after being outside, after using the restroom, after touching anything, after thinking about touching something, etc. etc. etc. And they tend to pass this trait along to their children. It's like a never ending cycle of semi-germ phobic-ism.

Not me.

In fact, I clearly remember a group of about 5 of us that basically grew up at our local lesson barn, slaving away cleaning stalls, and then coming in to enjoy pizza, fried chicken, McDonald's (we thought we were cool 7-year-olds by eating Big-Macs), and other implements that required us to not only eat with our fingers, but thoroughly ingest any and all germs located on our hands by licking them clean.

Gross, I know.

But now, I'm thankful. I really don't get sick that often. And when I do, I usually try to ignore it, thinking it will be offended by by non-attention and simply go away.

But the next couple of days will be the true test as J-bomb (otherwise known as my boyfriend) now has the swine flu. And our house is not large enough for me to be able to lock him away in a room and simply shove pills and sustenance under the door every couple of hours. No, ladies and gentleman, he has free roam of the house and is currenrly there breathing his toxicity all over everything.

But so far, so good on my front... So THANK YOU immune system, for growing so strong on barn germs.

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wilsonc said...

Good luck! Hopefully, you will escape the flu. I know you said your not much of a handwasher but for right now I recommend that you wash, wash, wash those germs right off of your hands. Don't touch your face...gargle with warm salt water and use a neti pot or q-tip dipped in saline to swab out your nose. Just precautions. Might use bleach water and lysol to disinfect doorknobs, phones, etc. Can't hurt and it might help.