Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Shopping fun- the internet way!

My update about Illinois will have to be postponed until I can sit down and process it, but for now, some Holiday Shopping FUN! Because... after hearing all weekend long about the shopping dramas, I'm sure that you all want to hear about more shopping.

But that's why they created the internet -- so people like me don't ever have to set foot in an actual store, where there are actual people and actual lines to wait in. The internet hold all these cool little sites where you can get awesome stuff, that, without the World Wide Web, you would never discover! Usually these sites have the coolest people working for them, the best customer service and again, REALLY COOL STUFF!

Such as.... Horse Lover's Gifts and Wild Home Decor. (

You know those horse enthusiasts that have everything? No ordinary horse gift will do, but you want to get them something a bit classy... That's what Horse and Wildlife Gifts is for. They also have other stuff that doesn't have a horse theme, but the owners have years of experience in the horse world, so they 'get' us horse people. :) No crazy horse sculptures where the supposed "Arabian" look like a cross between a Llama and a Golden Retriever.

They have great stuff including the Painted Pony line, which I absolutely adore! Check them out for your Christmas shopping needs! I promise, no waiting in lines!

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