Friday, February 5, 2010

Come rain or sleet or snow or ice....

So I had to do it... and with the new revelation that P may run the 3-day in April, I knew I needed at least to get on him and see how crazy the week off has made him...

And man was he full of himself.

I can't imagine what stalled horses are feeling like with this weather, because P (who's out 24/7) sure is tired on not being able to RUN. It sure is making for some interesting above ground acrobatics! He also likes this new game of "kissy face" (also known as I-bite-you-you-bite-me) which he keeps trying to get started with both Ted and I... both of us are quite unimpressed but we've got to give him credit for being persistent.

For all the mud and grossness, he actually is feeling quite good physically. I can't wait to get him in a ring where I can really let him go a bit! Hopefully we'll be getting over to Jordan Lake Equestrian Center this weekend a couple of times to JUMP! :)

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