Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Back....back in tack! and other ramblings

Last week P went back to work...

I'm using the term 'work' lightly here as the rides have not so much resembled 'work' as they have some sort of weird impressionistic painting - all jumbled up, a bit chaotic, and leaving you a bit uneasy feeling. I figured he was ready for a job as he'd taken to running poor Ted all around the field - some sort of weird new hobby.  Seeing as P is normally a fairly mellow guy, I ventured out on the fuzzy thing in 30 degree weather with hefty wind gusts sans a neckstrap and with a quartersheet over my dressage saddle (wouldn't want my little honey-bear to get cold!).  We spent the first half of the ride cantering in place, doing these weird leap/twist/turn things.  Once I herded the cats underneath me back into the field nearest our house I was able to re-locate the walk, and have an ok ride.

Since then, Prophet has dramatically chilled out, and reduced his craziness to one or two spook/bolts per hack - SUCCESS!  He will be hacking till the end of the year and then we'll start back into some 'real' work.

I have also realized that most of these blogs are about the amazing Mr. P, however I am getting more and more nice horses on as sale horses, some of which will be kicking off competition seasons in 2011.  One horse that you all have been introduced to before, but who took a bit of a hiatus is our diva - Ms. Story.  (For Story's formal introduction, click here: http://chorseeventing.blogspot.com/2010/06/now-introducing.html) Story had been coming along quite nicely, but I just kept feeling like some of the issues we were experiencing were not her fault.  I finally got her scheduled with my wonderful Chiro, Dr. Libby Engel, and we found out she definitely had reason to be holding back!  Her hind end was all wacked out, and she felt MUCH better after the adjustment.  Story is now much happier, and has a new outlook in 2011 with her debut as a JUMPER planned!
Story and I getting ready to go lunge in the coldness... bbbrrrrr

Recently I've also been approached about a couple of horses who look to be joining the 'team' in one roll or another (sale horses, competition horses, etc...) so I'll be excited to get pics and video of all of them updated just as soon as this darned weather gives us a break!

Speaking of bad weather, things have been just a bit slower then the past couple of months, which means I got to spend some quality time with friends.  My very, very good friend (who also happens to be one of my "North Carolina moms") Kristin Edwards, allowed me to come by and assist in the 'cookie baking afternoon' along with her daughter, and my student, Sarah. We definitely had some 'special' cookies, don't ya think?

Kristin's Pony
Sarah's 'artistic' polar bear (which was supposed to also be a horse - see the tail? :)

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Kristin said...

OMG.....no you didn't just put those ugly deformed cookies on your blog!!! ahhhh